common element (common area)


An area of a condominium property which belongs to all owners in the condo complex.

The common elements are generally maintained and repaired by the condo corporation rather than by individual owners.

Most common elements can be accessed and used equally by all owners. Typical examples are swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, walkways, roadways, and green areas.

Each condominium corporation has its own set of rules for how the common elements may be used, such as the opening hours of a pool or gym, or parking hours and permit rules for visitor parking spaces.

(Note: condo property owners do not have the right to unlimited access, only the right to equal access compared with any other owner.)

Some common elements are exclusive-use common elements, which means they are reserved for the use of a particular owner. A typical example would be the individual driveways in a townhouse complex.

Even an exclusive-use common element is still typically maintained and repaired by the condo corporation.

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