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Fixing a Sliding Closet Door

Posted February 15th, 2009 under renovations and repairs, smart selling.

If you are planning to make a move in the spring, now is the time to go through the house and take stock of all the little things that need doing. For example: doors that won't shut properly, squeaking hinges, lights that don't work, leaking faucets, and so on. Go around with a critical eye and make a list. You may want to have a friend help, as our own home often becomes so familiar that we miss these little flaws.

Whenever I take buyers through homes, it is the small annoyances that they mention. One of these annoyances is sliding closet doors that don't slide properly. Very annoying, yet most of the time, quite easy to fix.

When you look behind the door, at the top you will see the wheels that the door hangs on. At the bottom of the wheel-hanger is an adjusting screw. Simply turn it with a screwdriver to lower or raise the door at that side. This way, you can adjust the height as well as the angle at which the door hangs. Once the door is high enough off the bottom track, it will run smoothly.

Problem solved.

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