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Preventing Bacteria Growth in Whirlpool Baths

Posted September 15th, 2008 under renovations and repairs.

For years, 'Jacuzzis' or whirlpool baths have added value to your home. Until recently, nobody gave much thought to the possibility of mold growing within the piping system. However, with the recent awareness of grow houses and their associated mold problems, people have begun to look for other possible sources of mold.

Whirlpool baths should not be confused with hot-tub or spa systems, which use treated water and are kept full. In a whirlpool bath, the pipes are only full when the tub is full. When the tub is empty, water remaining in the dark pipes encourages bacteria growth. To keep your whirlpool bath clean and safe, consider flushing the pipes regularly with a detergent solution to remove any built-up bacteria.

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