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Preventing Mold Growth

Posted August 15th, 2008 under renovations and repairs.

The summer of 2008 was unusually wet and humid, a climate that is ideal for the growth of mold. Since basements are always cooler than the rest of the house, they tend to have condensation when the humidity is high, which makes them even wetter than the rest of the home.

The areas that are most susceptible to mold growth are the ones where there is poor air circulation, such as the corners of a room, behind furniture, in a storage area, or at the back of a bathroom.

It is good to inspect these areas regularly, and to re-arrange items from time to time so that fresh air can circulate. A good preventative measure is to use a de-humidifier in the areas that are most affected, and to run your furnace fan on low 24 hours a day.

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