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Duct Cleaning - is it Worthwhile?

Posted June 26th, 2008 under renovations and repairs, myths and truths.

How often should you have your ducts cleaned? The answer might surprise you.

CMHC, the good housing people, performed a study on the effectiveness of duct cleaning. In the study, they took two identical homes and had them tested for air quality and pollutants. Then, they had one duct cleaned, while the other was not. After the cleaning they compared the homes again, and found that the home that underwent duct-cleaning had a far HIGHER level of pollution than the control home! Although it smelled nicer - due to the air freshener that was pumped in during the cleaning process - the air quality was worse. It took three months for the air to return to normal.

CMHC suggests that, unless you have done a major renovation involving dust (such as drywall dust, sawdust, etc), duct cleaning will not improve the air quality in your home.

Want to know which home maintenance is most worthwhile? Just ask me, I'll be happy to help.


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