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Basement Flooding and Grading

Posted March 15th, 2008 under renovations and repairs.

After the rain at the beginning of this month, a number of my clients mentioned flooding and minor leaks in their basements. When rain combines with melting snow, it leads to the highest risk of indoor flooding, because the unmelted snow and ice traps the water against the house, preventing the run-off that would normally occur if the ground were clear.

The results are similar to those of poor grading, where the water runs towards the house, finds its way down the foundation, through cracks or below the footings, and back up inside. Remember that even with good waterproofing, water penetration is always possible. That is why proper grading away from the house is an absolute necessity and should be checked annually. The ground around your home is continuously settling year after year, eventually reaching a level low enough that water runs toward the house.

Each year, top up around your foundation to prevent this problem. In the winter, when lots of snow piles up, dig channels in the snow away from the house to allow runoff to flow freely.

Want to know more about avoiding flooding? Just ask me, I'll be happy to help.


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