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Buy Real Primer!

Posted March 16th, 2016 under renovations and repairs.

Recently, I had the “pleasure” of painting a couple of ceilings and walls. When painting the ceilings, I used the traditional approach of applying primer first, then a top coat, and all was well.

Meanwhile, when painting the walls, I decided to use one of the “primer and topcoat in one” paints now on the market. After a very even and generous coat of the new pastel colour, the result looked even and there were no shadows.

However, after the paint had dried completely, a very distinct pattern of flashing—a difference in the amount of sheen or gloss—was visible along the wall. (Despite my protestations, my wife convinced me that another coat was necessary.)

The moral of the story? Buy real primer! Even the top quality all-in-one paint can't replace a separate prime coat. (Intuitively, this makes sense, since the composition of a primer is different than a final coat.)

If you want a good paint job, there are no shortcuts. Take your time and do a separate prime coat before applying an even, generous top coat, and you'll get a great result free of shadows and flashing.

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