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Duct Cleaning: What is ‘Biocide’?

Posted February 16th, 2016 under renovations and repairs.

In recent weeks, calls from duct-cleaning companies have once again become disturbingly common. (Well, I'm disturbed by it at least!)

As I have reported in my newsletter previously, duct cleaning has very little impact on the air quality of your home. It does not increase the airflow in your ducts, nor does it reduce your electrical costs to any meaningful degree. In most circumstances, it's not worth paying for.

However, a new wrinkle has appeared that home owners should be aware of. Some duct-cleaning companies are now offering to spray ‘biocide’ throughout your ducts after the cleaning process. The companies claim that this will help kill harmful pathogens.

The CMHC recommends you do not have your ducts sprayed with biocides. The health effects of biocides have not been assessed, and I quote:

“Until the efficiency of biocides are proven and their potential effects established, householders should refrain from having biocides applied.

According to federal authorities, no products are currently approved by the Pest Control Products Act for use in residential duct cleaning.”

In other words, this is just another gimmick. Much like duct cleaning itself, there is no proof it accomplishes anything, and it may even be harmful.

As I have said before, unless you have recently completed a renovation that created a huge amount of dust, there is no reason a normal home requires duct cleaning.

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