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Exterior Repairs

Posted May 15th, 2006 under renovations and repairs.

It's time to get the outside of your home looked after. Check your windows and doors to see if the caulking is cracked or coming loose. If it is, remove the old caulking with a small chisel or corner knife. (Don't caulk over top of existing caulking). Re-caulk with quality, long-lasting caulking that stays flexible. The difference of a few dollars is easily worth it for an extra five or ten years before having to do the job again.

Next, check for loose, bubbling, or flaking paint. Scrape off all loose paint and then spot-prime with a good primer before painting. Again, quality paint is well worth the money for its added longevity.

Also check the bottom of your screen door to see if the sweep (the rubber strip) is in good shape, and replace it if torn.

Do you want to know more about maintaining the value of your home? Just ask me, I'll be happy to help.


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