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Squeaky Floors

Posted March 15th, 2006 under renovations and repairs.

Squeaky floors — they drive us nuts. The squeaking is caused by the sub flooring rubbing up and down around a nail. (Sub flooring is plywood, particle board, or 1"x4" boards laid across the joists). When someone walks on the floor, their weight pushes the sub floor down. The edges of the joists act as a lever, and the wood around the nail is pushed up. Over time, the nails are pulled up a tiny distance. This allows the sub floor to ride up and down the nail with each step, which creates the squeaking noise.

The only true remedy is to lift the broadloom, find the joists (where you see the nails), and screw in 2½-inch wood screws at 4-inch intervals wherever you have a squeak. Don't try to save time by driving finishing nails through the broadloom — they will pull up just like the existing nails, and nothing will be solved.

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