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Adding a Pond?

Posted July 25th, 2010 under renovations and repairs.

The soothing sound of a waterfall trickling and splashing into a pond will tempt nearly anyone to install one in their own yard. Not only does it enhance the landscape, it's also very calming.

Before you start, choose your location carefully. Ideally, you'll want it within earshot, but not so close that it becomes an annoyance. Most of all, it needs to be somewhere that children and adults alike won't hurt themselves or damage the pond with an accidental fall.

To choose a good location, set up your lawn furniture, BBQ, fire pit, and the kids' wading pool in their normal locations. Now look at the remaining space and consider aesthetics, safety, and maintenance when choosing your location. You should also take into account the walking routes between your back door, gate, garage door, shed, and so forth.

There are plenty of options for creative landscaping to add beauty to your pond, such as integrating it into a rock garden. The pond itself can be 'landscaped' by choosing the type of stones to put in it, but don't forget to consider maintenance.

If you plan on having fish in your pond, remember that direct sunlight will heat up a shallow pond very quickly. Either pick a shady location or build a deeper pond so your fish can dive down to cooler waters.

If you want your fish to live in the pond year-round, the water needs to be deeper than the frost line. (In our region that's four feet, so a minimum depth of five feet would be necessary to give the fish enough living space.)

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